Bruno Tedeschi durante un matrimonio

Hi! My name is bruno Tedeschi. If you are reading this, then something about me must have caught your attention, so i guess we are off to a good start.

Many take making a "video" for granted; a simple and mundane thing to do. That is not my philosophy. Rather, i believe that, in video making or photography, one must capture each moment, just like writing a book. I pay attention to each detail and i look for the beauty of each and every moment . Every tale told has its own story and a soul behind it. I try to make each project a work of art.

Bruno Tedeschi durante una ripresa del film "Chi non muore di rivede" di Giovanni Cangialosi
Riprese durante un film di Bruno Tedeschi

Over the years, in my travels, i have experienced emotions that i treasure and that i will always take with me.
Many different paths that i have taken have shaped my work but the best path in life is still that which life makes for you each day.

Se mi chiedessi cosa amo di più del mio lavoro, ti risponderei: quell’emozione che potrò donarti a distanza di anni, la possibilità di suscitare in te un’emozione facendoti rivivere quel momento ogni volta che riguarderai il film… Tutto questo curando la fotografia di ogni singola ripresa, creando un colore che ti riscaldi il cuore, tutto accompagnato dalle giuste colonne sonore…

Bruno Tedeschi on Wedding in New Jersey
Bruno Tedeschi Filmmaker on wedding sicily

I truly believe that every pillar needs to be strong and robust of its own right so that it may withstand the challenges of life and give support to those who need it; strong enough to withstand the law of gravity . Those of you who will learn about me or already know me, either know or will learn that my biggest strength is the very foundation upon which I stand: my family , my beautiful wife and my two wonderful sons.